BlackCEO South Africa, is an international economic and community development social experiment. The BlackCEO concept is found, inspired and led by the Peak Performers Institute in Washington DC. The Executive Directors for the concept is award winning, multi-millionaire’s team Trevor Otts and Che Brown.


The Vision:  BlackCEO is an initiative creating collaborative environments amongst the black communities of the world. It exists for the purposes of training, teaching about, creating and building business based wealth.

The movement establishes interdependent BlackCEO chapters in countries and cities all across the world. Every chapter positions itself uniquely to serve its local country, city and communities. And under the guidance of a local master coach and team, BlackCEO endeavours to form international alliances that share resources, support each other and positively impact black communities across the globe.

Every country or city team under the executive leadership of a local Chapter President, Trevor and Che is a steward of this vision.

BlackCEO South Africa’s task ahead is to partner with likeminded leaders (we seek not your labour but your leadership). And where those leaders are absent we will raise them up, where they are lost we will find them and where they are hidden we will shine the light on them in order to collaborate with them so that they can feel and be more empowered to exemplify better, bolder, stronger and more brilliant business and community leadership.

FB_IMG_1500994963513Under the leadership of the Cape Town based president, catalyst, social scout and innovator, Earl-Djehuti Erasmus, Black CEO South Africa is now officially incorporated into the international BlackCEO Alliance.

BlackCEO South Africa creates collaborative environments where entrepreneurs, community leaders, young business giants, CEOs seen and unseen, heard & unheard, acknowledged & under-appreciated discover and share their collective brilliance to build business based wealth.

  • We raise up existing and emerging BlackCEOs, coach, mentor and teach them to expand their personal and communal wealth footprint.
  • Ultimately they find their CEO wealth signature that unlocks a whole new world of economic and community development opportunities.

Every BlackCEO member is inspired, motivated and challenged to pay it forward and use their innovations to transform our people’s lifestyles towards building wealth legacies.

BlackCEOs understand their obligation to be brilliant. And in doing so we recognize we often have to be twice as good as others to just get half of what they have.

Therefore we are committed to self transformation through thought leadership, relevant education, collaborations, wealth building, and paying it forward by partnering with communities for positive change.Every BlackCEO in their process of being brilliant is taught how to:

  • use credit, live debt free, build wealth and transform their communities for a better future.
  • One of our core goals is to teach, coach and mentor every BlackCEO to raise up 5,6,7 figure businesses and multimillion rand communities of excellence.

We are intentional about bringing a real black-diversity, economic and community development conversation to SA, not to racialize or contentionalize the issue but to help us deal with internalized forms of colonization that destroys our potential, power and possibilities.

Guiding Wisdom: For us, black implies a paradigm in which people of colour must authentically express their inherent humanity. It implies that we have been through the slave, colonial and apartheid passages that scourge us in our skins, dehumanized us and forced us to be disempowered and enslaved to neo-capitalist institutions of oppression. It means we were moulded to forget our true worth and status as beautiful, bold, brilliant human beings.

However, to us, black is no longer a term of opposition to others but it is symbolic of being free, intelligent, civil, authentic, social, African and global human beings.

Being BlackCEOs mean we understand that our five hundred year backlog needs urgent attention and only through meaningful collaborations, group economics, self reliance, exceptionally courageous leadership, innovation, insight, foresight and oversight will we be able to shift ourselves and our communities into a better future. And it is imperative that we get as many as possible of our people, by all means necessary, onto the other side of the wealth gap. This is part of the mandate of Brilliant BlackCEOs.

We raise community, country, continental, cosmic and wealth consciousness by destroying our past poverty and oppression programming. And in so doing we introduce a new paradigm of collaborative living, by teaching wealth building strategies, group economics, business structure development, inclusion and establishing and connecting individuals, groups, organizations and communities to a network of powerful social, spiritual, political, intellectual, cultural, educational, economic and technological resources.

We are of the assumption that all our people need to economically shift from the red to the black. And that for the 21st century Black CEOs their blackness ultimately means having a people consciousness and cooperation that will manifest our collective economic and community success.

It means that as BlackCEO South Africa establishes collaborative environments for the purposes of training, teaching about, creating and building business based wealth we shall strive in the spirit of the 2017 Power Networking Conference keynote speaker, Shirley Jones’s battle cry to make “Economics … The New Black Power”.